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Stoked On Printing | Contract Screen Printing
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Contract Screen Printing

Plastisol Ink Printing

 Plastisol Ink is the most commonly used and traditional ink in screen printing. They are used primarily for printing onto cotton, polyester, rayon and other similar fabrics. Plastisol ink is recommended for dark fabrics when an opaque result is required. The inks sit on top of the fabrics creating a plasticized texture but can be manipulated for a softer feel. Our plastisol inks are Phthalate Free which will pass any federal testing for youth apparel.  We can match any PMS Solid Coated color in the world to make sure your customers logo is exactly as intended.

Water Based & Discharge Inks

 Discharge inks and water based ink are used when a very soft hand is required on a 100% cotton garment. With waterbase inks the ink soaks into the garment creating a zero hand texture. Waterbase inks are not opaque and are used when a soft, washed vintage look is required. Discharge inks are very different from standard waterbase because when used, they dye the fabric of cotton to any color the ink is pigmented. They create an opaque print on dark 100% cotton fabrics with zero texture because they soak into the material.


 Foiling is applied to the garment to give it a very metallic look. Many foil color and pattern options are available to set the design apart from one another.  Foiling can be produced with multiple ink colors.


Glitters are mixed in house and applied wet during the printing process. Our glitters wield a very shiny result with fantastic wash ability.  Many colors of glitters are available and can be used on top of inks or stand alone.

Metallic Shimmers

Shimmers are similar to glitters but do not include physical glitter particles in the ink, creating a softer, smoother feel. Shimmers can be printed direct onto fabric as a standalone impression, or with multiple colors.


Flocking can be applied as a single color. This treatment gives garments a texture similar to another piece of fabric. Impress your customers with this one of a kind feel and appearance.

Glow in the Dark

Our Glow in the darks ink can be printed directly onto other colors to create a unique impression.  The ink must be charged by light before glowing will take effect. We use the highest quality ink to ensure a long lasting glow after charge.

HD Clear Gel

Clear Gel is printed directly onto other colors to give the finished product a glossy look. It can be used in conjunction with the artwork to give special areas of interest to the finished product.

Puff Inks

Puff ink can be used as a base layer to bring areas of the design to life with a 3D look and feel. It can be printed as a standalone color or underneath other colors to points of interest to the finished product.

UV Sensitive Ink

UV Sensitive ink is an ink that will be near invisible until the image is brought into direct light. Four colors are available in this line and cannot be PMS matched.  This is typically printed as a standalone color.

Custom Dye Program

Our custom dying techniques create some of the most unique garments in our industry. We can offer completely custom dye for your special retail or promotional project at a competitive price.  Extra turnaround is required for these applications.